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Frequently asked questions:

1. At what age should a child have their first eye exam?

All children should have their eyes examined before entering kindergarten
or first grade. Good vision and good visual processing is vital to
learning. If a child has any issues with their eyes, it is extremely
important to correct it before they start learning to read. Failing to
identify and address a child’s visual impairment will likely hinder their
learning process.

2. What should I bring with me to my eye exam?

If you wear glasses, it is important to bring your current glasses with you
to your eye exam. If you wear contact lenses it would be very helpful to
the doctor to bring your current prescription to your exam as well. Please
see question 4 below regarding our recommendation to bring sunglasses with
you as well. Lastly, you should bring a list of questions and concerns
that you would like the doctor to address with you at the time of your exam.

3. Do I need to have my eyes dilated?

The dilation is actually the most important part of the exam. It is the
method eye doctors utilize to evaluate your retina, which is the inner
lining of the eye and the part of the eye that gives us our vision. Without
dilating your eyes I cannot make a determination that your eyes are fully
healthy. By dilating your eyes we can check for cataracts, glaucoma
macular degeneration and many other eye disorders. Of course, we want all
of our patients to feel comfortable in our office, so we do respect any
patient’s wish to decline having their eyes dilated if they feel
apprehension about doing so.

4. What are the side effects of a dilation?

The dilation of the pupils in your eyes occurs when we put drops inside the
eye which causes your pupils to enlarge. When your pupils are enlarged
(or, as we say, dilated) your vision becomes sensitive to the sunlight.
The drops will also make it difficult to read and work on the computer for
approximately three to four hours after the drops are put in. If you have a
good pair of sunglasses, please bring them and wear them home. If you
don't have a pair of sunglasses, our office will give you a disposable pair
to take home with you.

5. How long will my exam take?

A routine eye exam with a dilation can take approximately 30-45 minutes.
Please leave some extra time to browse our great selection of glasses and

6. How often should I have my eyes examined?

At iSee VisionCare, we recommend a yearly exam. Early detection of
certain eye diseases is key to preserving one’s vision. A lot can change
in a year and our goal is to help you keep your eyes happy and healthy for
a very long time.

7. Is it important to have quality sunglasses?

Absolutely! Not all sunglasses are created equal. Especially in south
Florida where the sun is out all the time, it is extremely important to
protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. When you wear
sunglasses, you cut down the light level to which the eye is exposed. This
actually makes your pupil dilate (enlarge). If you are wearing sunglasses
of poor quality, this will allow more UV light to get to the back of the
eye and can cause more harm than not wearing a sunglass at all. Please
visit us at iSee VisionCare and peruse our inventory of quality sunglasses
that will protect your eyes against harmful UV light. Many of the
sunglasses we sell have polarized lens that significantly decrease the
glare caused by the sun and the sun’s reflections.

8. My eyes always feel dry, can an eye doctor do anything to help?

Over the last 10 years Dr. Sonneberg has helped many patients experiencing
dry-eye symptoms find relief. If you are experiencing any of the
following: burning, itching, tearing, a sandy, gritty sensation or redness,
please let Dr. Sonneberg know so that she can tailor a specific treatment
plan for your symptoms.

9. Do you offer warrantees on glasses purchased from your store?

We stand behind the products that we sell. You will always receive a
one-year manufacturers warranty on all frames and lenses purchased in our
store. For additional assurance and peace of mind, we offer our WOW
warranty. The WOW warranty is a warranty you may purchase exclusively at
iSee VisionCare for $25.00 and provides you with a "no questions asked"
warranty on the glasses you purchase from our store. If you break, scratch
or damage your glasses in any way, even if it is not covered under the
manufacturers warranty, we will replace them for FREE!