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Those who suffer from BVD and Vertical Heterophoria tend to have a small amount of vertical eye misalignment, which the brain corrects by directing the eye muscles to properly reposition the eyes. However, using the eye muscles in this manner overworks them and they become strained and fatigued, causing the many symptoms of Vertical Heterophoria:

 - Headaches
 - Dizziness
 - Double vision
 - Shadowed, overlapping or blurred vision
 - Skip lines or lose your place while reading
 - Quickly fatigue while reading and difficulty with comprehension
 - Closing or covering one eye to make it easier to see 
 - Anxiety in crowds or large open spaces
 - Overly sensitive to light and glare
 - Lightheadedness
 - Nausea
 - Anxiety
 - Motion sickness
 - Poor depth perception
 - Lack of good balance and drifting while walking
 - Poor coordination and Clumsiness
 - Aching eyes, especially with eye movement
 - Neck, upper back or shoulder pain
 - Head tilting

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you could have Vertical Heterophoria or another type of binocular vision dysfunction (BVD).  Call our office today at 561-733-9008 to see if Dr. Sonneberg can help you.

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